Remove Sun Tan from Face and Skin Remedies Natural Ways

remove Sun Tan from Face and Skin
Sun Tan from Face and Skin

Hi friends, today I will be telling about Sun Tan removal Firstly.

What is Sun Tan?

When you stay out in the sun too long and the skin becomes dark slowly it is called a Sun Tan Tanning can occur in any weather Usually it happens on the face on the arms and the legs meaning that it happens on those parts of the skin which are usually exposed and these are the parts which get sun tanned and this causes the skin color to darken visibly as compared to other areas Sun tan does not cause the skin to become red and it does not cause any burning or swelling and neither does tanning cause any ulcers on the skin. The removal method is also quite simple When you go out in the sun then you must wear loose fitting, full sleeved cotton clothes which cover your arms and your legs as well Also wear shoes that cover your feet and try to cover your face with a light, thin cloth or you can wear a cap or carry an umbrella You should wear dark goggles also this will prevent the skin around the eyes from getting burnt, and also prevent dark circles. 20 minutes prior to getting out in the sun apply a good sunscreen, which is suitable to your skin type on your face and hands.

remove Sun Tan from Face and Skin
Sun Tan from Face and Skin

Now if your skin has already been tanned then what should be done?

If you take my honest advice then you should treat your sun tanned skin using only natural home remedies Medicated and fairness creams should NOT be used because sometimes these creams can cause further damage to your skin Nowadays there are many tan removing creams available in the market which contain anti-biotics and steroids the other types of sun tan removal creams which are available contain Sunscreen and other Skin Whitening Chemicals such as Hydroquinone These creams will make your skin appear clear for a few days but once you stop using them the skin starts getting dark again That is why, please, in order to remove a sun tan from your skin you should avoid these creams as far as possible.

Now I will give you some methods for removing Sun tan which are very simple effective and beneficial also.

  1. In 2 tablespoons of plain curd (dahi) mix 1/4 teaspoon of powdered turmeric and apply it to your face before sleeping at night. You can also apply this mix to your hands, feet and any other area which is tanned Apply this mix thoroughly and leave it to dry. Once the paste is completely dried up on your skin, wash it off with plain water and then moisturize the skin with Virgin Coconut Oil or pure Sunflower Oil before going to sleep Within 15-20 days your skin will become supple and fair and the tan will more or less disappear Curd is acidic and it balances the pH of the skin plus the enzymes contained in dahi clean the skin and also the water in curd hydrates the skin Like we all know Turmeric (Haldi) is a very strong natural and time tested anti-septic Applying coconut oil, later on, prevents your skin from drying out Coconut oil moisturizes the skin and also heals it.
  2. The second remedy, and my favorite for removing a tan Is a paste made of Pure Honey & Fresh Lemon Juice Every night before going to sleep take 2 tablespoons of pure honey and mix 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice into it Apply this mixture thoroughly on the tanned areas of the skin leave this for 30 mins then wash it off with plain water and apply virgin coconut oil to the area honey is a very soothing and healing agent lemon juice is acidic it fixes the pH of the skin and also lightens skin color Those who have oily skin those people can simply take a fresh cucumber and cut it into thin slices and then apply these slices evenly over the tanned skin and then leave them on for 20 minutes Then you can rinse off your skin with plain water followed by application of a good oil free moisturizer doing this daily for 20-25 days will totally clear up your skin the skin which has been tanned should never be allowed to dry out and soap use should either be minimized or soap should not be used at all.

friends, I hope you have found my post useful and I hope you will find it easier to protect and heal your skin from a sun tan. Thank you!


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