Top 73 Best Love Status in English Quotes Collection for WhatsApp

love status in english
love status

Do you want to update a beautiful love status for WhatsApp? Are you mad in love with someone and want to attract their girlfriend and boyfriend by placing a love status in English on WhatsApp and facebook? You have come to the right website at we have a collection of romantic love shayari, Love Quotes especially for you to.

Best Love Status in English

love status in english
love status

Whatsapp is a free messaging app for mobile devices and everyone has a passion to change their status. You can put profile pictures, stories, and status in WhatsApp. This is always a good sign for WhatsApp status change and sometimes dedicates a love status
English to his girlfriend or boyfriend and surprises them.

We are sure that you will love our love status in English SMS collection for Facebook and WhatsApp. You can keep it as a status on WhatsApp when you think you want to send a message to someone you really love. The most important of this status is that it will create curiosity among the people that what you are actually trying to say. love status

best collection for love status

I do not know, or you are my love,
Just know that I need you

Listen silently against your words,
Believe time will give a great answer

The time has also happened to be sure to love someone,
That which is restless is not enough

I have gone through long silence,
Try to say something to someone

love status with photo

love status with photo
love status with photo

Sleep sleeps on our bed,
And we keep stalking in your memories

We will fly away from the pictures like the colors,
We are on the twigs at the time like us

You’re missing that I do not know anything,
I know that love is changing you

Do not bother to give life to your life, we have lost you before

Was there too much compulsion for me to leave my happiness, to see her happy

It has been a bit of a delicate moment after my eyes have been dropped from these eyes, somebody …

Not a few things to cry. Meet with patience

love quotes in English

When the medicine does not affect, then it takes to look, mother, where does this necklace believe?

Do not teach the good things about the good things, the things you keep in mind, the same life is good

Humans are born in every house but humanity is born somewhere…

love quotes in English
love quotes

Do not know which crimes are going on. Those who are getting experience in the age of Khwahis

The words have fallen from sick. Today, one dose should be yours.

I used to feel delicate, but the rich people came to the stone

Humorousness means that it has broken

There is a difference between staying alone and being alone

Where are all the wishes of the heart that rain also may be there, and be there too

Do not know why people cry about ugliness … those who are ruined are handsome faces …

Want to create a new world but,
Never sleep,
Never get dreams !!

love Shayari in English

We want happiness, but we
Gum is also raised like a son.

Jism Bagaan, which we created
Did not know they would ‘waste’ us.

Neither the people nor the news of others We
What life has this life-changing?

These cold winds, cut black, have fun,
Every time something says, but when it is heard,
When he is with me

Love is never an admission of anyone’s permission,
It has always been there,
And will always be there.

If the night is, the moon will cry,
His face will appear in dreams
This is love, thinking like a lot,
Because here a tear will also be heard if dropped.

There is no value for a smile
Some relationships do not have any weight
Well people get it at every turn
But no one like you is not precious

We can not tell you your ego in life
We can not show you your place in the heart
Some relationships are precious
More than this, we can not explain to you.

Love Status in English for True Lovers

Do not look at that look
Who denies you
Look at that look in the world of this mahfil
Who is waiting for you ||
The heart that chooses for the first love.
He is his own, or his heart always remains the same.

If you come then what is life?
We did not know what happiness is?

You are my lord
You are the drawer of my poetry.

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You have a lot to say but,
You never meet,
So never get alphaj !!

I can erase these distances. I in one moment but,
If you do not walk,
Never find the way !!

Who does love to love here
Heart is just a toy to try !!

It has changed a lot, it’s a good thing,
But there is someone to remember so much,
Who loves you unimaginable !!

Eye contact with eyebrows
Beating is heart
This relationship is very cute
Ever wants to complain

love status in English for boyfriend 🎍🍃🌸

Punish like a dream
Always hide in your heart
My fate is not with me
Keep it for yourself throughout life.

Why do people believe love?
When the time is the stone heart
Then why do people ask for mercy from the stone

The first love I could not know, what love is, we can not recognize,
We settled them in the heart so that when they did not want to remove them from the heart.

Ture Love Status best lover

Addiction is so much of your love, that this day is spent in your remembrance.

The heart is distressed for their dignity, the heart craves in their waiting,

What to say, this humble heart … beats himself for someone else.

I love you more than your life,
I’m afraid death is not more than your separation,
Even if we try to see more than anyone else,
Nothing in my life more than your voice.

When a thought hits the heart, the heart remains silent without any desire,

Everyone says love by saying everything, without saying anything, everything is said.

How can I change your habit, I am not talking about this,

I do not even see you remember anytime, it is just such a smirk in heart, I love your love.

When it comes to silent eyesight,
So such love begins,
We are just lost in their thoughts,
I do not know when the day is night.

Your love made us anonymous,
We gladly disclosed it,
We never wanted to love us,
But at first glance, we have auctioned it.

Best Love Shayari in English

The girl who listens to you, tells you crazy or does she really love you.

Believe that you have won,
Look at us once for us,

What kind of heart is in front of you,
We will even give you life to get you!

love Status in English collection

I love how much love is loved by them, that is life, believe me this thing,

Do not give them anything to pass, we have just one life, whenever we ask for it!

The journey is up to as far as you are, to the extent that you are there,
Thousands of flowers are seen in this Gulshan but the fragrance is just as far as you are

How beautiful is your face, this heart is just crazy,

People say you have a piece of moon, but I say the moon is also a piece of yours.

You were the moon star,
Asia was ours in the sky.
People would see you from a distance and
It was our right to be just close.

So, guys, this was a unique collection I have provided for you. The perfect love poetry is the best result of all time. I am going to write some special poetry collection soon. You can also send our love status shayari collection with your boyfriend / girlfriend. You can choose any of the above Shayari to express your heart’s feelings. And if you also have a poetic collection like if you write shayari in your diary then you can write in your poetry comment box. If you like our post, please share it. Keep in touch thanks


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