Best 40+ Love Status & Quotes for Whatsapp & Facebook in English

love status in english
love status in english

Love status in English:-Friends love almost everyone does. Nowadays, there is a tremendous amount of effort to find different statuses on love status, WhatsApp love status, love Shayari and love quotes. People use WhatsApp status according to their mood. Or you can say that people use Whatsapp status to express their feelings. Not only this, if people have to make a special specialty or tell someone about their heart, people also resort to WhatsApp to share love status. so today we have brought a collection of love status for you.

Love Status & Love Quotes for Whatsapp

love status in english
love status in english

I belong to you. You belong to me. You are my sweetheart.

Love is very important in life, but it is not so important, that your life will be wasted in the gum of someone’s infidelity.

The path of true love is full of thorns.

A small hope is enough for the birth of love.

If someone tells you that he loves you, he/she loves you. But you can not get married, you should end this relationship immediately. Because this love is not Time Pass.

Always speak the language of love, listen to it too and can also speak dumb

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keep love in your heart. Without it, life is like a garden whose flowers are dying.

Kisses are the best way to create more talk than nature needs.

Ninety percent love is responsible for whatever is firm and lasting happiness in our lives.

By which you are happy that you are more important than your happiness.

The world can be done without the feet soaking the feet but the eyes cannot be loved without being soaked.

True love stories do not end. And the love stories that end up are not true.

Just as a flower cannot be blown without incense, a man can not live without love.

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Whatsapp love status
love status

We love life, not because we want to stay alive because sacrifice is so dear to us.

Love does everything but if someone does it with a brain, someone does it with heart.

Both love and compassion are with one another. Not luxuriously. Humanity can not live without them.

Where there is love there is life.

All become poets when they are in love.

We do not choose love, love chooses us.

Getting excessive love by someone gives you strength, and you get courage by loving excesses to someone.

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Says Nadan Lovers: ‘I love you because I want you.’ While the lover says: ‘I want you because I love you.

Love cannot be searched, it is found.

Do more love than the extent, when the person in front of you is capable of your love. People who love are ruined by people who do not love them.

People tell about the principles of love, who have never been loved by their love. If you want to know about love, then look at yourself with love.

A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.

When love is not madness then it is not loved.

If someone says that he is in love with you. But his Dedication is not against you, then know that there is something wrong or somewhat wrong. Who loves you, he wants you more than your life.

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Love is the reason that the reason cannot be understood.

True love is like God, everyone talks about it but nobody saw it

Infidelity is the end of a relationship, not love. After every night there is a new dawn.

We want to meet each other with a smile because the smile is the beginning of love.

There is no age for love, nor is there any limit to it; Nor does it die.

To become the first love of a person is not a big deal, to become someone’s, last love

You can never forget the person who has touched your body not your body.

love status collection for lover

love status collection for lover
love status collection for lover

Occasionally the oysters get to see the heart.

Kadwat is the period of life, while love is its freedom.

The one who can stoop in love after eating can make the impossible possible, most people, after getting hurt in love, find no problem.

The end of true love cannot be because true love never ends

Birth and love stories cannot be collected in some pages.

If you can teach yourself to love yourself and your shortcomings, then you can love it more than you can. And it will make you happy.

In love now more promises are made than before, more is eaten in advance. But most people forget their promises and also do their best. What kind of promises and promises do such lovers meet hardly

Reading this status will make you feel and feel the fragrance of true love. You can also find love status and love quotes status. We have included romantic True Love status for her boyfriends and girlfriend, True Love status for her. How to express love About Short Truth About Love, Short Real Love Quotes and Things for Status


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