How to Remove Wrinkles from face Home Remedy

how to remove wrinkles

As you guys would have seen my post Title. I am going to share information about wrinkles No one Links if you get wrinkles on Face This makes you look less beautiful and aged We don’t want to see them , specially around face Lets Understand why do we get wrinkles There are many reasons for getting wrinkles Most Common reason is Ageing If you are getting aged and naturally you will get wrinkles This is a sign that you are ageing Collagen in our tissues to maintain elasticity of our Skin But as you age, the collagen production reduces Our skin elasticity is reduced as ageing progresses It becomes saggy and wrinkles are formed You can see them around your face.

What are the Reasons for Wrinkles

But there are other reasons too Its not only due to ageing Even young peoples are getting wrinkles due to premature ageing or ageing fast Skin is not firm and we get fine lines Even in young age, why so lets see.

  1. The first reason is UV Rays and We don’t use sunscreen They damage our skin by penetrating it and breaks collagen producing tissues as a result, you can see Fine lines around our eyes.
  2. Dry Skin– if our skin is Dry and you are not following proper skin care routine you are not moisturizing it properly Than there is a high probability to get wrinkles.
  3. Life Style– if you don’t have a proper diet and don’t eat healthy food If you don’t drink enough water, that you skin get dehydrated You can observe the people who drink enough water have glowing skin They get wrinkles late in life If you smoke often, you have high chances of getting wrinkles It dries up your body also breaks up your tissues. and easily you can feel wrinkles around eyes.
  4. Facial Expressions– those who are cheerful and keep smiling are less prone to wrinkles Those who are tensed and always angry get wrinkles fast These were some reasons on why you get wrinkles.

how to remove wrinkles from face

how to remove wrinkles

In this post, I’ll tell you about how to prevent wrinkles naturally for those who have it how can they get rid of it Naturally I’ll also share some tips Following them will help to prevent Wrinkles. Share this post.

  • Before sleeping you need massage around eyes using olive oil Around 1-2 Min of massage This way you need to massage Also on forehead wherever you have fine lines and wrinkles Massage Full Face Do not wash face, just keep it whole night This will nourish your skin and repair it Apply this every night for 2 min Try at least 14-15 days count. to see the results.
  • I have taken Fenugreek Seed also known as Methi dana This is very beneficial for your skin You can soak it in water overnight and make a paste next day Or you can make powder of it I have taken powder of it Mix 2 Tsp of Curd in 1 tsp of powdered fenugreek seeds Mix it to make a paste Thick paste is ready to apply You can see the consistency here now you have to apply this to your face Lets see how to apply this You can apply this to full face This is completely natural with no side effects Start with under eye area Spread it around your face This will stop premature ageing of your skin This has lots of antioxidants & minerals which maintains elasticity of your skin Yogurt helps to improve your complexion and keep it soft Wait for 10-15 minutes before washing After washing apply moisturizer Apply this once at least once in a week you can see benefits after few days itself.

4 Tips and Trick for Wrinkles

  1. Apply sunscreen lotion when going outside Use Goggles which cover full eyes ares Cover your face when exposed to Sunlight.
  2. Keep your skin moisturized Apply night cream before sleep.
  3. Drink lot of water and keep hydrated Drink 10-12 glass of water in a day.
  4. Follow a healthy diet eat fruits and vegetables.

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