Healthy Pasta Recipes

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There pasta lovers who would never make it through the Atkins diet or another eating plan which requires giving up their favorite food. Pasta can be full of calories you don’t want while you are on a diet and you need to get rid of a few past as quickly as possible, but there are always ways to make things easier – with healthy pasta recipes. I know it’s surprising, but yes – pasta can be healthy food if you abandon the high-calorie sauces and the heavy cheese. After all – Italians are slim and have beautiful figures on average, and they eat a lot of pasta. The difference is that Americans add a lot of things to the international recipes to make them taste richer, and the recipe unhealthier. Read on and see how pasta can actually be good food.

Healthy Pasta Recipes

Healthy pasta recipes and the type of pasta

The type of pasta is the most important ingredient in different healthy pasta recipes. We usually reach out for the white pasta, but that’s actually the thing we need to get rid of. Fresh or whole wheat pasta is the right choice for all the tasty recipes you read, and that’s exactly what the slim Italians prefer too. Most of the supermarkets have choices of whole wheat pasta and they won’t cost you more than the regular stuff. The best way to cook and eat pasta is making your own – at home. People with no experience in cooking will probably find it impossible because this does require an effort, but if you are cooking different things successfully, why not try to make your own healthy pasta? Make sure to avoid the white flour from the different pasta recipes, and replace it with the grain.

The sauce of healthy pasta recipes

The sauce is what makes the pasta high on its caloric value, because as I said – Americans like to add a bunch of stuff and spoil both the taste and the nutritional value of the food. Sauces based on cream are loaded with unhealthy calories and fat. If you stick to tomato and marinara sauces instead, making sure they are low in sugar and sodium – you will have healthy pasta recipes with not much of an effort. If you want to eat healthily, avoid buying sauces because they contain hidden sugars and harmful ingredients. You can make the sauce on your own, and it will be not only healthier but tastier too.

Meat, vegetables, and herbs in healthy pasta recipes

The type of pasta and the sauce are the major components of healthy pasta recipes, but the meat included is also very important. You don’t want to add ground beef and heavy sausage which have a very high content of fat because you will also add hundreds of unwanted calories into a single dish. Lean ground turkey or chicken breast are recommended if you want a healthier choice, but if you really miss the taste of beef, you can add just a little in the sauce, but make sure to buy low-fat meat. Healthy vegetables must be added with the pasta if you want a healthy meal. Add some broccoli and fresh carrots and you will surely be competing with those cute Italian Grandmas for the best pasta on the block. Lower the content of salt in the recipe and add fresh herbs instead. Basil is probably the best choice for pasta, but you may also sprinkle whatever you prefer on top of the dish.


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