Feeling Sad Status, Heart Tuch Sad Shayari for Whatsapp and Facebook

sad shayari
sad shayari

Feeling Sad Status, Heart Tuch Sad Shayari for Whatsapp and Facebook :There is something that you love or you face in front of your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or any friends. In this post we have added very sad status in English for boyfriend or girlfriends, especially with someone who hurts you. Apart from this, this kind of satt whitespace status for love is very effective for telling people about your pain. We have included English phrases as well as Sad status for Facebook in English. if you are in deep love with someone and if you get hurt by him/her, then it is time that you feel about your Feeling and Pain by updating ”Feeling Sad Whatsapp or Facebook Status”. Whenever something goes wrong with your feelings

Feeling Sad Status for whatsapp

sad status for whatsapp

Occasionally some kind of pain comes from the ones,
Tears are near but do not cry.

Now I will not say anything until you feel meeless

You know what the pain is, in which the wound is not from the inside outside.

The characters change because they are given more love, respect and time than the limits..

They are very strong, those people who cry alone in the most.

I’m inclined to say something to someone…

Need some heart to understand some things, that too is broken.

We knew that you will forget us, you meet our expectations.

I want you to live in breaths, but you do not even see it in luck.

Only heart was put on hold, but he took my life.

I did not say, “Think you are”, it is not easy to live a life-long relationship!

The wise often do the mistake, sometimes I have seen someone crazy

Everyone says to me, leave him, why do not you tell him that he is mine?

We have to leave her forever, do not forget, please do not forget that love

Those whose hearts hurt, neither do they cry with their eyes, not with eyes

When I said give me a rose or give me a kiss, I am very sad today.

You will be living in my life for years, whether you become love or become a pain.

Somebody began to look better than the dust, in the eyes of the dust.

The pain of heart is not reduced by crying repeatedly in somebody’s memory, love is written in fate, no one is willing to suffer from it.

You will be living in my life for years, whether you become love or become a pain.

Today it is known why life is slowly losing.

My efforts have always been unsuccessful but you have to forget to get it now.

If you do not give up, then laugh and live ..! Because the world of love does not subsist .. !!

sad status

If we were to hear people’s words, we would have forgotten how bad we were. !!

We were not crazy, we used to obey everything you said,
Just did not feel anything better than your pleasure …

Understanding that person is not easy …
Who knows everything but does not speak anything ….

Stay away from the pain, along with us … have heard pain continues for a long time.

Trying to make them their own

We think every day you will forget, and we forget everyday, this thing

I took a lot of time, I was just affectionate

Life goes on with or without you!

Listen, who you have become my habit!

The paper does not cry, just roulette !!

Who gave more time to the extent that with the changed time

We thought that all sadness will hurt you,
But you did not ask too much why you are silent.

The more crowds are growing in this place, the people are becoming so lonely.

Heart Tuch Sad Shayari for facebook

sad shayri for facebook

I have always loved you
Do not believe you will not change reality

There is a lawyer in this johan, who has won the love for me.

Today I searched her in her own, she met everywhere except the fortress

We keep our relationship with you throughout the ages, we can not be replaced by man and love too ..

Those who do not see the wounds, they hurt a lot.

If you are living, I will keep remembering you every day,
I forgot to understand that God remembered us !!

Whenever you return to your heart,
If we return hundred times, we will find ourselves!

Those who meet are also separated, we were Nadan,
I understand an evening meeting.

He left without leaving the hand, he is!
We have seen something like this, !!

You do not say anything, and one is your memories which does not keep quiet.

Someone teaches us to go back to the promises, get tired, play and play.

sad shayari
sad shayari

Do not say anything after the decision,
You do not live without me unless you live.

The pain of someone’s heart is like the stone thrown in the sea.
How deep will it be in the stone,
It is difficult to guess.

Do not take advantage of anybody’s goodness too,
Be forced to become bad

The heart then does the ruth, I think again like children who will celebrate ….

You will not be able to forgive yourself, on the day when you will find us lacking in life.

No one wants to be hurt by wanting to hurt, but losing one’s life destroys life.

He fired us not to write like a wet paper from our life nor to burn

They all come ask me, if you come, then it will not come.

It is also a duty to remember, because it is common to forget nowadays !!

  Some things you took some time, so much so that we could bring it ..

You will not be able to forgive yourself,
The day on which we will find our shortage in life

Swimming came when we were in the sea of ​​love but when he did not catch his hand, it was good to be drowned.

Whenever someone will hurt you, remember you will come to love me

I think … ever see me falling in your heart … who is ?? In your heart ?? … which does not let me settle … .. !!

You breathe a bit, but do not feel

I go on looking very carefully … I do not have a big enemy from the heart …

Silence is a addiction and, nowadays I’m intoxicated

People of this world are so funny, they leave all the toys and play with emotions ….

One was the only one to understand me, now he became wiser

After a long time, I saw her eyes filled with no eyebrows

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