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Good Quotations About Life family-is an important word for all, it is difficult to imagine life without family. Children born and upbringing There is only one Family from birth Children get the knowledge of children, Short Quotes About Life– is the one who works in our happiness and misery, especially in the times of troubles, the importance of the Family increases. Where you work, the people you work This whole country is your family This whole world is also your family.

happy life quotes

Divides us into the boundary, what does he say to us in comparison.

Families are like branches on a tree – we grow in different directions, but our roots are one.

Everyone has earned a lot of money, but what is the value of that money !! Apolo’s love and relationship with Apno are more valuable than this money!

Family-where life begins and love never ends.

Eating roti is not a big deal but eating bread with family is a big deal … !!

The strength of a nation comes from the integrity of the house.

Everyone earns money but happiness is that family who earns …

Family and friendship are two of the biggest happiness …. !!!

It is easy to build strong children than to repair broken men

A house is built by hand, but a home is made from the heart.

It is very important to take care of two people in life,
Everything is lost to victory, mother, whom you have called in every misery … !!!

The family is formed not by living together, but by always living together.

Unless we become parents, we never know the love of a parent.

family quotes

When you look at your life, your greatest pleasure is the happiness of your family.

When we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is like.

The family in which there is unity becomes happy and prosperous in every way.

I know that I really want to earn money and want to take care of my family …. !!!

You are born in your family and your family is born in you. no benefit. No exchange

The one who gives love is the sister, the one who gives the fighting spree is a brother, by asking, what is he gives is the father, without asking whatever he gives, he is the mother.

He is a wise father who knows his child.

A man travels the world looking for what he wants and returns home to find him.

Your fiancee to your parents, dancing on your children’s fingers, your future cannot be safe

An ounce of blood is more valuable than a pound of friendship

Everyone needs a home to live, but an assistant family builds the house.

Other things we can change

The family is connected to our past in every imaginative way, and it is like a bridge for our future …

Family means that no one has left behind nor has forgotten…

There is nothing better than going home and having good food and comfort with the family … !!!

The house is not a place, it is a feeling.

The family is not important only, it is everything for us … !!!

Where the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind

The family is a protector, in which the person experiences peace.

The family is the center of civilization

Good Quotations About life

good quotations about life

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You do not choose your family, they are the gift of God to you, just as you are for them … !!

Neither any road should be easy, neither do we want any identity, ask for the same thing every day God should smile at every moment of the face of God …

there is always a reason to smile. Find it.

No job is more important than raising. I believe this
I think every day what to do better for my family.

Many people can make fate but can create fewer families.

The family is formed not by living together, but by always living together.

Other things we can change, but we start and end with the family.

In the family – not the law but the system is there, in the family – not the information but understand, in the family – there is no law but discipline, in the family – not fear but trust … !!!!

A man should never neglect his family for business.

“Family” is another name for love, give time to your family, it strengthens the relationship of love and trust …

Treat your family to friends and your friends like family.

The biggest gift you can give to your children is the root of responsibility and the wings of freedom.

The family is not an important thing. This is everything.

Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes your family.

The most enjoyable moment of my life, which I have spent with my family at home.

In a house where there is no center for a mother, there is no occasion in the house!

When we are close to each other, we have everything.

“Family” is another name for love, give time to your family
This strengthens the relationship between love and faith … remembering
Do not let family escape in part of life.

He is a wise father who knows his child

Enjoy the beautiful land of life with your family.

The family is one of the masterpieces of nature.

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