Dry Skin Care Routine

Dry Skin Care Routine

Dry Skin Care Routine

Hi Friends, Today I Will Tell You About How To Keep Skin Soft And Glowing In Winters Many People Tell Me That Their Skin Dries Up Severely During Winters It Also Tends To Darken And Itch As The Dryness Increases In This Post I Am Going To Tell You Simple And Straightforward Methods To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winters By Following My Tips, Your Skin Will Remain Soft And Glowing In Winters Also The Air During Winters Is Dry And It Tends To Drain Moisture Out From Our Skin Leading To Dry Skin As A Result.

Dry Skin Care Routine

Dry Skin Care 3 Stap

  1. That Is, The First Thing You Must Do In Winters, Even If You Don’t Feel Like It You Must Drink Water. If You Add 1/2 Teaspoon Of Fresh Lemon Juice To A Glass Of Lukewarm Water And Drink It, Then It Is Very Beneficial For Both The Stomach And Skin.
  2. Next, You Must Have A Daily Bath With Lukewarm Water In Winters Because Pouring Water On The Skin Keeps It Hydrated Thirdly, You Should Avoid Bathing In The Morning, During Winters In The Evening, When You Come Home From School, College Or Work You Should Have A Bath With Lukewarm Water And A Mild Soap Like Pears Soap, Or Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser After Having A Bath, Before The Skin Gets Completely Dry You Should Apply All Over Your Face And Body Pure Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil Or Pure Sesame Seed Oil Or Virgin Olive Oil You Should Apply This Oil Thoroughly Over Your Face And Body These Oils Do Not Freeze In Winters So They Spread Evenly All Over The Skin And Prevent Moisture From Evaporating From Your Skin. Those People Who Do Not Like Using Oil Can Use Any Good Cream Or Lotion But My Advice Is To Use These Natural Oils Only Because These Oils Are Natural Moisturizers They Contain No Chemicals, And Those People Who Have Sensitive Skin Can Also Easily Apply This On Their Skin Having A Bath In The Evening Clears Out The Entire Days Accumulated Dirt And When You Apply Oil On Clean Skin, It Naturally Works Better And The Oil Has An Opportunity To Soften Your Skin Properly During The Night And You Can Also Get A Good Night’s Sleep  When We Sleep Without Having A Bath, Then The Entire Days Dust, Fumes Smoke And Other Pollutants Accumulate On The Skin And Then It Dries The Skin Through The Night And Also Irritates It. Which Also Causes The Skin To Itch.
  3. Now, In The Morning After Waking Up, You Just Have To Wash Your Face With Lukewarm Water And Then Again, All Over Your Face And Body You Have To Apply Sunflower Oil, Sesame Seed Oil Or Olive Oil Doing This Daily Will Ensure That Your Skin Stays Soft Does Not Dry And Does Not Itch. These Oils Are Not Sticky And Are Very Beneficial If Your Skin Is Drying Out In The Winters Then You Must Try This Within One Month, You Will See A Big Improvement This Is The Best Method To Keep The Skin Of Schoolgoing Children Healthy And Soft, During Winter Days Friends.

I Hope You Will Implement What I Have Just Told You And You Will Surely See A Big Improvement In Your Skin. Please Leave Your Questions In The Comments Below Thank You!


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