Dark Lips Treatment Home Remedies

Dark Lips Treatment
Dark Lips Treatment

Hi friends, today we will be talking about Dark Lips or darkening of the skin covering the lips. Today, I will tell you about the causes of this problem, what you can do to prevent it, and also it’s treatment.

There are many causes of darkened lips

the most common cause is makeup and products which are applied on the lips When people use cheap quality lipsticks, lip balms, lip liners, and lip glosses then the substandard components of these products, such as their coloring agents, scents and flavors cause the skin of the lips to become dark You will notice that all good and big companies which manufacture makeup and lip products use very high-quality colors in their products. Furthermore, they have very little flavor or scent. Going to sleep at night, without removing makeup causes spots and blemishes on your face, and also leads to allergies. This also causes lips to darken Other factors for dark lips are dry and cracked skin, smoking too much and even consumption of excessive amounts of coffee and tea
Sometimes, using the wrong kind of toothpaste can also cause lips to get discolored, due to the chemicals contained inside it.
Sunburn and melasma can also cause lips to darken
That is why it is important that whichever lipstick or lip balm you use
also contains sun protection
Anemia, which is caused by reduced amount of blood cells, or a deficiency of vitamins in the body can also cause lips to darken
Those who suffer from these problems should take iron and vitamin supplements for at least 2 months, in order to get cured
Many medicines, such as Isotretinoin, which is used to treat acne/pimples
and antibiotics such as tetracycline
also malaria medicines, and especially hydroquinone, which is used as a skin lightening agent
can also cause the lips to become darkened
If you are using any of these medicines, then you should stop using them.

Now let’s talk about the treatment of dark lips

Dark Lips Treatment
Dark Lips Treatment

I’ll be telling you some home remedies, as well as some creams which are easily available in the market These creams are known as “Lip Lightening Creams” by the companies which manufacture them These are, Glutathione creams like GLUTA-C and GLUTAMAX
Applying these creams for 3-6 months on your lips will lighten their color. Lip balm, which is known as MAYBELLINE LIP BALM for dark lips this contains sunscreen, moisturizer, as well as natural color.
All these creams are available at the chemist shop, or online Now I will tell you some home remedies which are effective for lightening dark lips Please note that these remedies will be useful only if you implement them for 3 months at least. and you must moisturize your lips after using these remedies The first remedy is to mix 1/2 teaspoon of white sugar, with 1/2 teaspoon of honey and then massage your lips for 3 minutes, at night and during the day The next is to grind 5-6 leaves of Mint and mix 2-3 drops of lemon juice in them and then massage your lips with this mixture for 3 minutes during the day and also at night Take a small piece of fresh cucumber and massage your lips for 3 minutes, twice a day during morning and at night. This is the easiest, as well as the most effective method
Another method is to mix 1 teaspoon of Vaseline with 1 teaspoon of fresh strawberry juice
and then use this mixture to massage your lips twice a day
Or, simply massage your lips twice a day with castor oil – this will also be effective in lightening your lip color
you can massage your lips twice a day, for 3 minutes each using castor oil

Friends, I hope you have found my video useful and that one of these creams or home remedies will surely help you Thank you!


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