Best Love Status in English for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

love status in english
love status

Love Status in English for Girlfriend: – If love is done with poetry and poetry, it will make it easier for your loved one to understand the depths of your love, If you want to tell someone about your love then try to express thoughts of your feelings and minds with ,

Love Status in English

love status in english

We do not know how to love, but,
Whatever you have done just by you …!

Which floor is called Khuda Jaan Love?
Not only is the ibidah, but whose history is the same.

If you keep silent with you then things are fulfilled.
In you, from you, my world is fulfilled only on you! 💕

I wish he came and said, ‘I am not going to stay with you.

Love Mohabbat These were just alphas,
But when you find these alphabets, you get #may.

The fragrance begins with the spring,
The beginning of the day is from your heart,
We are waiting for you forever,
The beginning of love is from the publication.

We have had the love that we have today,
There is still the wish of the shadow of your twins,
Night is cut in your thoughts even today,
Dewan Si Mari is still in my condition,
Someone’s suit does not arise.
There is still a small amount of freedom in dishonest eyes.

From the heart your eyes were lifted up to the liver, and both of them agreed.

Have learned to love
No point of hatred,
You are the only one else in this heart

Let’s make you feel hearty,
Love is good for you, love is your love.

When he gets talking,
It’s a night in thousand nights,
When you take a look and look at me,
That is the only thing for me that moment is complete.

No matter how difficult your time may be, but the true lover will never leave with you.

Relationships do not weaken mistakes as misunderstood.

Love will not remain incomplete …
We will meet, if not where this is

I can not say anything to you,
I can not stay away from you,
Now the restlessness of the heart is increasing,
Now I can not live without seeing you.

Love Status in English for Girlfriend

  love shayari for girlfriend in english

We want to drink .. from their gaze,
We want to live .. In their shelters,
We want to walk .. in their paths,
We want to die .. in their arms!

It’s time to do everything, then it’s fun. When the time changes but the man will not change

Love is what makes his heart even weird.
Whatever the case,
Goddess is also azadi

How do you change your habit,
This thing is no longer my decision,
Have not seen you remembered yet,
Such is the fragrance of your love in the heart of fragrance

In the depths of the eyes
Want to lose
Today in your arms
Want to sleep
Breaks me whole day
I want to make you

Not as heartbeat, I am so close to my heart. You are special to me for my life.

Jism’s love decreases with rising-
But the love that comes from the soul,
It is impossible to guess the price.

Take the moon in your eyes, right then,
We will come, call me with heart, right then,
Dil’s heart is punished with love,
Just a few minutes to go with us right then.

Your stories will get your stories in me,
Do not know what you pay from me

You will remain in heart by becoming a heartbeat and you will be with me till you are breathing.

 We came to this world to love everyone,
But in the middle you have really liked it.

There are some Armaan jagike eyes in the heart,
Stars are in heaven but we are yours,
Sleepy strikes and rumors of memories,
On the eyes are awakened in your dreams.

All the dreams before this can be broken,
And this life should be rude to us,
Lost in love with each other, in this way,
Let us forget all the mistakes!

Remembering you has become my habit,
Keeping your mind has become my focus,
It’s my wish to meet you,
Making love to you has become my destiny.

Before peeping into my eyes,
Just think about it.
If we bow down, then there will be a doom,
And if we’ve got eyesight then it will be love

Love also separates,
Love is also infidelity,
See my hand
There will be truth also in love

Say, Chand did not understand that he was dishonest,
Are not far from the eyes, but do not get separated from the heart,
Filled with love, but they are compelled,
Do not reduce the love that is so far away

They know how much love they love them,
That is life, believe me this thing,
They have nothing to give to us,
It’s just a matter of when we ask for it

Love Status in English

love status in english for girfreind

With whom you can laugh, spend the whole day with him, but with whom you can cry, you can spend the whole life together.

It is unnecessarily only if there is love,
The reason was that there was trade.

There is a lot of life in your love for two moments,
There is a moment’s laughter and a moment’s happiness,
This world knows me or not,
This is enough for me to recognize your eyes.

The journey is up to as far as you are,
Looks as far as you are,
Thousands of flowers are seen in this Gulshan but,
The fragrance is just as far as you

Love with an angry heart above,
You steal eyes, you feel uncomfortable,
Hundreds of millions of people hide the news from me,
You love me more than yourself

Your wait keeps me every moment,
Every moment I feel you,
You are unstoppable,
Because you keep beating in my heart

Someone has a lot of life in life, someone’s hand is pretty in hand, far away or does not make any difference, just love is just enough to realize.

You can not meet me or find me, it is my only hope that you have every happiness in your lifetime.

You made love to be sweet,
Remained the heart of the eye,
Now you two or not, this is your wish,
We have made you the support of life.

Heartbeat is not shown,
The fire of love is not extinguished
Million separations are still in this love,
First drink of life

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