Safest & Best Fairness Creams Information

Best Fairness Creams Information
Best Fairness Creams Information

Hi Friends, Today I Will Be Giving You Complete Information About Fairness Creams First Of All,

Why Are So Many People Using Fairness Creams?

The Answer Is That We Are Not Happy With The Colour Of Our Skin And We Think That Fair/White Skin Is The Only Mark Of Beauty Big Companies Exploit This Mindset Of Ours By Making Fairness Creams Your Skin Colour Is Given By Nature The Amount And Colour Of Colour Making Cells In Our Skin, Is Determined By Nature Over Thousands Of Years But Companies That Manufacture Fairness Creams, Make Advertisements Telling Us That If Our Skin Colour Is Dark, Then We Will Be Rejected In Job Interviews And That We Will Be Rejected For Marriage Also And That Becoming A Model Or Actor Is Almost Impossible With Dark Skin! People See These Ads And Begin To Believe That Attaining Success In The World Is Dependent On Being Fair Skinned But These Companies, Which Are Trying Their Best To Make You Self-Conscious Of Your Darker Skin, Do Not Tell You The Dangers Of Using Fairness Creams Regularly. Do These Companies Tell You That It Is Harmful To Use Fairness Creams During The Daytime/In Sunlight? Because Sunlight Can Cause Your Skin To Burn, Due To The Chemicals Contained In These Creams. The Companies Don’t Tell You That If You Stop Applying These Creams, It Is Possible For The Skin To Become Even Darker Than It Was Before. My Site Is Full Of Questions Like These, On Almost Every Post People Say That Their Skin Got Ruined After They Stopped Using A Fairness Cream, And Are Now Seeking A Remedy For It. The Biggest Point Is That When You Start Using These Creams The Skin Begins Looking Fair And Smooth For The First Few Days After Use But After 6 Months, To 1 Year Of Usage Of These Creams The Side Effects Of The Chemicals Contained In These Creams, Begins To Show On Your Skin Nowadays, The Creams Which People Are Buying After Getting Advice Online And Using Them Without Proper Consultation With A Doctor Contain Steroids, Hydroquinone, And Retinol A And These Are Definitely Not Fairness Creams The Creams Which Contain Any Of These 3 Mentioned Compounds, Are Medicines, Which Are Used For The Treatment Of A Skin Condition Called MELASMA That Is Why Using Such Creams For Fairness Is Not Only Wrong But Highly Dangerous. Using These Creams For A Long Duration Causes Hair Growth On The Face And Causes Skin To Become Thin Or They Can Cause Rashes And Bumps On The Face, And Also Cause Black And White Patches To Appear On The Skin Not Only This, But After Long Term Application Of These Creams, The Medicines Contained In Them Find Their Way Into The Bloodstream, Through The Skin Longterm Usage Of These Creams Can Cause Hormone Imbalance In People, And They Can Also Cause Birth Defects In Newborn Children, If Used By Pregnant Women.

Best Fairness Creams Information

Now, If You Want To Get Rid Of Marks And Blemishes From Your Skin And If You Want Your Skin To Become Soft And Light Colored Then I Will Tell You Some Safe Creams To Use. These Creams Can Be Found At Any Good Chemist Shop These Creams Have Kojic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Vitamin C Arbutin, Liquorice & Nicotinic Acid These Compounds Help To Make The Skin Fair And Smooth These Creams Should Be ONLY Applied At Night Meaning That You Should Use These Creams As “Night Creams” If Your Skin Is Dry Then First Apply A Good Moisturizer Or Pure Coconut Oil And Then Apply These Creams On Top If Your Skin Is Oily, Then Wash Your Face Using A Gentle Facewash And Then Apply These Creams People With Normal, Or Combination Skin Can Simply Wash Their Face With Water Before Applying These Creams I Am Telling You The Names Of Some Creams Here Which Are Great For Lightening Your Skin Colour These Are – CLEARZ Cream From Dr. Reddy’s KOJIVIT Gel, By Microgarcia Company VC5 Or VC15 Vita C Serum, By Cipla Company PRORAC Cream By Premier Pharma AZIDERM Cream, By Micro Labs KOJIGLOW Forte, By Alkem Company DEMELAN Cream By Gracewell/Glenmark Company And GLAMBAK Gel By Kepler Company All These Creams Are Available At The Chemist Shop, Or Even Online You Can Buy Any One Of These Creams, Which Suit Your Skin, As Well As Your Pocket. Apply The Cream At Night Before Sleeping And In The Morning, Wash Your Face With A Gentle Face Wash, And Then Apply A Suitable Moisturiser According To Your Skin Type In My Personal Opinion, Once You Get A Good Result After 1-2 Months Of Usage You Should Use Natural Moisturisers Like Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil Or Olive Oil During The Day And At Night, To Keep Your Face Moisturized And You Should Also Use Natural Masks, Such As Honey-Lemon Juice Mask Or Fresh Cucumber Mask Or Raw Potato Mask These Masks Should Be Applied Twice A Week Making Skin Fair Naturally, And By Using Vitamins And Also Tips To Keep Skin Natural And Healthy Is There An Article On My Site.

Friends, I Hope You Have Found My Post Useful And That By Implementing My Suggestions, You Will Benefit For Sure. Thank You!


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